NEW 2023 Release – Sci-Fi Fantasy Graded Readers for ELT !

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Graded Readers for ELT are designed to bring science fiction and fantasy into the ESL or EFL classroom. These genres allow readers to grapple with serious issues in an indirect setting. And they do so in a way that promotes the use of the imagination: Science fiction with its predictions and promises of the future, and fantasy with its ability to take us to places we could never go. Science fiction shows us places we may go, while fantasy, the places we wish we could! 

Check out any (or all!) from this exciting new series based on Outside the Box! 

Available in print or ebook format!
  • Virtual Unreality
  • Time Machine Research Project: Genghis Khan
  • Thought Police
  • The Magic Employment Agency
  • The AI Therapist
  • Attack of the Sleep Demon
  • Rebirth
  • Ghost in My Room
  • English Class on Mars
  • Empathy
  • Changes
  • Baby Shopping