NEW 2023 Release – Sci-Fi Fantasy Graded Readers for ELT !

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Graded Readers for ELT are designed to bring science fiction and fantasy into the ESL or EFL classroom. These genres allow readers to grapple with serious issues in an indirect setting. And they do so in a way that promotes the use of the imagination: Science fiction with its predictions and promises of the future, and fantasy with its ability to take us to places we could never go. Science fiction shows us places we may go, while fantasy, the places we wish we could! 

Check out any (or all!) from this exciting new series based on Outside the Box! 

Available in print or ebook format!
  • Virtual Unreality
  • Time Machine Research Project: Genghis Khan
  • Thought Police
  • The Magic Employment Agency
  • The AI Therapist
  • Attack of the Sleep Demon
  • Rebirth
  • Ghost in My Room
  • English Class on Mars
  • Empathy
  • Changes
  • Baby Shopping

Creative Education Materials

More info about my creative print and online materials that enliven any classroom – or anyone looking to feel inspired!

More About My Books and Creative Education Materials

Creative history-based projects that get high-school and college students to research, explore, analyze, and then write about or discuss some of history’s most intriguing controversies, conspiracies, and puzzles!

A very impressive work! Recommended for teachers whose students want to some explore some unusual topics of history in the classroom.” — Hall Houston, author of Provoking Thought and Creative Output

Stories Without End

2019 ELTons Finalist Stories Without End engages students with literature through intriguing short stories that make them think and wonder. What if we could teleport anywhere in the world whenever we wanted to? Will robots ever replace human teachers? Why are some people optimists while others are pessimists? Where does our personality come from?

“All the English textbooks books I’ve used before are boring, but this is so unique.” Yurie S. ESL Student 

What Would You DO?

What Would You Do? by Taylor Sapp is more than just a collection of 81 tricky hypothetical situations. Each dilemma includes suggested solutions, variations, and extension activities so they’re easy to adapt to your students and your classroom.

“The situations in this book go way beyond the usual “What would you do if…” questions I used to use in class, providing both scaffolding and expansion to really take it to the next level. A great resource!” Andrew Lawrence, ESL Professor, Concordia University

Outside the Box

Outside the Box is the latest Stories Without End book, a collection of science-fiction and fantasy stories without endings, leaving students to write their own, drawing on their own creativity. Even the most reluctant writer will find themselves sucked in with this deceptively simple method of getting students to write!

Overall, I found the stories in the book fun to work through and would recommend the book to someone who likes to write YA or who is trying to give some creative direction and fun to their class’s writing assignments. L. Hall – Amazon Review