What Would You Do? 81 Philosophical Dilemmas for Discussion and Expansion!




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What Would You DO? – 

81 Philosophical Dilemmas for Discussion and expansion


WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF … your best friend had a body odor problem?

Would you tell them directly, indirectly, have someone talk to them, or something else?

What Would You Do? by Taylor Sapp (author of 2019 ELTon Award finalist, Stories Without End), is more than just a collection of 81 tricky hypothetical situations. Each dilemma includes suggested solutions, variations, and extension activities so they’re easy to adapt to your students and your classroom. Use them as thoughtful and engaging warmers, as the start of a class discussion. Follow them up with one of the writing assignments or a project from the 16 games and activities in the appendix.

Engaging, flexible, fun, What Would You Do? is your students’ new favorite activity!

“I loved how both the stories and the accompanying questions are designed to appeal to real life and imaginary experiences” —Catherine Noble, MA TESOL

I know the most difficult but important thing is to keep thinking and say it, so if people use this book to study, they can get the power of imagination and expressing their thoughts.” – Honoka S., ESL student


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